How To Deep Clean Carpet Stains

To extend the life of a carpet it’s important to remove the carpet stains. Choose the best tools and techniques for stain removal from the carpet so your carpet looks fresh and clean always. After doing a proper inspection of your carpet, follow the best carpet stain removal method.

Deep Clean Carpet Stains
Deep Clean Carpet Stains

Here are the solvents that work best to deep clean the carpet:-

  • Deep clean with dish soap

To remove the dirty stains take 1/4 tablespoon of liquid dish wash and mix with warm water. Then spray the solution over the stain. Avoid using a detergent that contains bleach. With the help of a steam vac, towels, or any piece of cloth, extract the stain and rinse it with warm water. Repeat the process 2-3 times and see the results. This method is best for old pet stains. We have covered reasons and solutions for recurring stains on your carpet.

  • Deep clean with ammonia

Another best method for carpet deep cleaning is ammonia. Take a spray bottle and combine 2 tablespoons of ammonia with a cup of water in it. Apply the solution over the stain and then extract the solution. Repeat the process and remove the stain.

  • Deep clean with peroxide

A hydrogen peroxide solution is best to remove the old stains from the carpet. We highly recommend testing the solution on a small area before you apply it to a whole carpet as hydrogen peroxide contains bleaching properties. This might cause a light spot on the carpet. To make sure that particles are gone vacuum up the stain. Then spray the solution on the carpet and saturate the stain. Wait for 15- 20 minutes and then with the help of a stiff brush loosen up the particles. Suck up the hydrogen peroxide solution from the carpet with the help of a steam vac. You can absorb the particle with a towel or cloth and get a stain-free carpet.

  • Deep clean with club soda

Club soda is one of the most popular agents. It helps to eliminate the dirty stains over the carpet and also remove dried blood stains. Once you spray club soda over the carpet then wait for 5-10 minutes and blot the stain with a clean cloth. Then draw up the stain and club soda with salt. Sprinkle salt and wait for some time and then vacuum the salt. 

  • Deep clean with borax

Borax helps to brighten up the old stains. Get rid of loose particles with a vacuum and we carpet the surface with ice. Use borax over the stain and dry it. At last Vacuum the borax to remove the stains completely. 


It is highly recommended by professional carpet cleaning services to work from outside towards its center to remove the stain. This is the best way to prevent the stain from spreading. Make sure you clean all the solvents and nothing is left behind. Not all old stains on the carpet are removed with these methods. In some cases, you need the best carpet cleaning management. You can also choose carpet cleaner available on the market to remove the stain. 

A Solution To Recurring Stains On Your Carpet

Occasionally, spills and accidents leave stains on carpets. No matter how adult your family is, the occasional spill or smudge can easily seep into the fibers and cause a permanent stain. As you clean the stain, the spot disappears, but a few days later, you notice a new spot on the carpet. When you look closer, the stain is back and you need to hire Carpet Cleaning Services. In this blog, we have covered reasons and solutions for Recurring Stains On Your Carpet.

Reasons and Solutions for Recurring Carpet Stain Are:

1. Soiling

Using a Carpet Stain Removal cleaner to remove stains can result in soiling if the carpet cleaner is not properly blotted or rinsed off the spot. Over time, any residue left behind turns sticky. In the event that the remaining carpet cleaner sits on the carpet, it will begin to attract dirt, debris, and soil, giving the appearance that the same stain is coming back repeatedly.

How to prevent carpets from soiling?

Try wiping the carpet clean with warm water after you’ve used a carpet cleaner. But, you should also ensure that you dry the spot after you apply the warm water. It is important to do this so the carpet does not absorb the water to the deeper layers of the carpet, which can result in wicking.

2. Wicking

Wicking occurs when the carpet stain seeps into the backing of the carpet. Therefore, while you clean the carpet, the carpet continues to absorb the moisture and the contents of the room to the back. Stains will eventually move back up the fiber strands to reach the surface again – this process called wicking. 

How to prevent carpets from wicking:

Following your cleaning process of Carpet Stain Treatment, you may need to use a cleaner, then rinse off the remaining stain remover with water and blot. Next, cover the stain with a towel. Getting a heavy object that will apply downward pressure to the towel will help you clean the deeper fiber of the carpet. To ensure proper absorption, leave this on for 24 hours.

How to Remove Common Carpet Stains

  1. Pet Stain: You can remove pet stains by choosing a Carpet Pet Stain Removal cleaner that contains enzymes, which kill bacteria and eliminate their odors.
  2. Blood Stain: Blood stains should be treated promptly with club soda or cold water, as with any stains.
  3. Dirt & Urine Stain: There may be no stain you should treat before it has dried, other than dirt. Scrape the leftovers first, then vacuum, then apply a solution with dish soap, and blot To Remove Carpet Stains
  4. Tea & Coffee Stain: Begin by blotting the coffee or tea stain to remove as much liquid as possible from the carpet. Add two cups of warm water to one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap. To apply this mixture, use a clean, soft, white rag. You can also use a dry cloth to blot it.

Don’t assume your valuable carpet or rug is lost if the above doesn’t work. Consider calling a professional Carpet Stain Removal Services before giving up! Professionals are experts in the area & provide a wide range of services:

  1. Carpet Odour Removal
  2. Carpet Vomit Removal
  3. Residential Carpet Cleaning 
  4. Carpet Dry Cleaning Services
  5. Carpet Anti Allergen Treatment
  6. Carpet Mould Removal Services

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